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In Thanks for over 500 hits i have made this pin up of the ever luvin God of Mischeif. ^_^ Thank you

9/30/03- Have you ever poored your heart into a story and then find out its beyond your current capablitys? Well i have. And im annouceing GTA is going on HIATUS for while. Im sorry, truely and deeply sorry for those of you who have come to like this comic. It was short and sweet. But i have alot of love for GTA, you see is dedicated to a dearly departed friend of mine. What was once something as i saw as practice for my art has now become my flag ship of sorts. I have many things and stories planned for GTA as Tyler walks with his friends and companions towards Asgard. But i came to realize something, that takes some humlity to admit. I CANNOT DRAW SOME OF THESE THINGS. and in honor of my friend i want the comic to come out awesome. So in my pride ive decided to put GTA on hold for awhile. I am going to work on a another story i have been working on. MECHA TENSHI, it was originally planned that i and a friend of mine create this comic, i write it and my friend draws it. Now ive decided to take on the project myself and use it as pracice, then when im done with that i promise you all I WILL RETURN TO GTA AND MAKE IT BETTER THEN IT EVER WAS.


For now Red/Allan can be found working on MECHA TENSHI. If you liked how GTA was going please join in and read this comic. Arigato ^_^

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