My favorite Comic's

GTA would have been nothing without this comic ^_^ honestly.Funky Funky comic by the mazta Ian J.8-Bit...i like swordsLuvly fellow epic comic...okay okay..AWESOMERelax, They understand j00...Ian and Matt rock the halls of Mac Hall...

Hawt chicks, loose morals, WHAT MORE DO YUOU NEED?Sorta like Wendy...but not...*le sigh*VVH!!! too cool!Robo-a-Gogo: Like EVA but makes sence....THATS A BALD FACE LIE!! Captian SNES is the best damn thing to happen to spriteing since 8-bit Will forever be a classic in webcomic's to me and deserves to be linked by all!

Excellent DDR comic ^^

Other Link's (Cool Sites and crap)

Awesome site for AMV's, Stryker r0x! Rock Lee is the shit, KONOHA SEMPUU!! - A Directory of Online Comics

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